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The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program focuses on production of leaders in … Equipped and furnished the new FHS Laboratories at the Main Campus.IIRS provides funished library Laboratory 


IIRS is providing separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls, the present strength of the student community is 100.The objective of the Hostel is to provide suitable and comfortable accommodation for students


These programs vary, but they claim to provide internship placements at reputable companies, provide controlled housing in a new city, mentorship and support …

Welcome To International Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences & Research (IIRS)

The International Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences & Research (IIRS):IIRS became operational on 3rd December 2006. It is a philanthropic institution aiming at delivering Rehabilitation Services in Speech and Audiology. The institute harnesses the expertise and experience of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team, adept in Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and Physiotherapy, to offer a wide range of services like assessing and rehabilitating individuals suffering from Neuro-Language and Speech disorders, hearing disabilities, Psychological disorders due to Speech and Hearing impairments. IIRS is currently funded by Multi-Cooperative society.

The major activities of IIRS are human resource development, research, rehabilitation service, material development and information documentation.


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