Mission & Vision


To improve the quality of life of persons having problems with speech, hearing & related disorders by providing high-quality rehabilitative services. To provide the much needed professional Human Resource expertise in form of Audiologist by imparting high-quality education, clinical exposure & skilled training. Teaching children with speech and language or hearing impairments to listen and speak. To be a world-class provider of services for persons with speech and language or hearing impairments.


At IIRS we serve people from every walk of life and extend special support for our underprivileged friends in the society. Our vision is to reach out to people and create awareness regarding the available cures for speech and hearing impairments. IIRS is marching towards excellence by imparting world-class education in the field of rehabilitation sciences through tie-up arrangements with international institutions across the globe. The proposed tie-ups will result in the propulsion of technology in terms of human resources along with advanced services with a dedicated team of qualified specialists in the above area in large numbers over the years.

IIRS&R is marching towards excellence by imparting world-class education in the field of Rehabilitation Science through tie-up with international institutions. The proposed tie up will result in the import of technology in terms of human resources and instruments. Our vision is to encourage, promote and empower the society with a dedicated team of specialists in the Speech and Hearing field in large numbers over the years. The institute can boast of its efforts to provide best standards of teaching through qualified professionals.

The vision of IIRS & R is as follows:

  • To bring Divyangs with communication disorder into mainstream of the society.
  • Develop qualified professional in the field of Speech and Hearing who are globally competitive, motivated, skillful and ethical in delivering their professional services
  • Develop clinical services that promote equal opportunities for Divyangs at affordable cost.
  • Promote public awareness and be support group for parents of Divyangs
  • To join hands with other NGOs and Govt. of India in carrying out preventive and pre-emptive action to avoid conditions leading to disabilities.
  • Develop programmes in a holistic life perspective and reduce the burden of family members of people with communication disorders.
  • Create and provide infrastructure, laboratory, library and related facilities as stipulated by University and statutory bodies.
  • To network with premier research bodies and contribute to research that are ethical, ensures human rights and adds to rich information in the field of speech and hearing.

Courses and Regulating Bodies :


Presently IIRS&R is continuing only one course i.e. Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP). Duration of this course is 4 years including 10-month internship (5 months in parental college and rest 5 months in other hospitals / clinics).

Regulating Bodies:

  • Approved by Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI)
  • Affiliated to Utkal University, Govt. of Odisha.

Duration of Courses :

  • The course is of 4 academic years including 10-month internship.
  • An academic year consists of two semesters, and each semester will extend over a minimum period of sixteen weeks.
Semester Months
1st Semester July- December
3rd, 5th, Semester June- October/ November
2nd, 4th, 6th, Semester December-April