Ganesh Puja


Lord Ganesha is the God of superior of all earth’s interior. Ganesh chaturthi is a great festival of India. Specially Mumbai is the famous place where Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrates popularly. Mainly celebrated among the students all over the India in colleges and schools.

In the arena of our college, we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. The Lord who bestowed his presence on earth for all his devotees. As it’s a favorite festival of all students. All gathered at one place and celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi grandly. All students, teachers and college staff’s participated energetically to celebrated. With donation all puja ritual done. As our college is Eco-friendly. So, Ganesh idol was arranged of clay, it was brought by boys before the night of Ganesh Chaturthi. Decorated the place with thermacol, garland of flowers, lights, decorate cloth, paper art and done rangoli. Puja completed with all rituals with great success. Lunch too arranged, all had their lunch with lot of joy and happiness.

After it all with the help of all efforts Ganesh chaturthi completed with a great charm and smile on everyone face. “Ek do teen char…. Ganapathi ki jay jay kaar, Paanch chhe saat aath, Ganapathi hai sabke sath” While saying this line felt very much happy and miracle.

In this way Ganesha has a great mythological significance and worshipped by students, teachers and other staff‘s of college. Ganesh Chaturthi festival performed with great pomp; as all believe the Lord Ganesh will remove all obstacles from the path of their life and blessings of wisdom and knowledge. Finally heartful farewell (Visarjan) to Lord Ganesha done grandly with a glorious end Ganesha Chaturthi Visarjan ended. It’s a one of mesmerizing event of college which will remain in heart forever.